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Ben Stewart on Copenhagenfeatured

Between all the demands of life and my stilted attempts to keep up with the news, the climate talks at Copenhagen seemed to slip by with only minimal attention. I knew that the parties had failed to achieve any real progress, but my life kept on rolling by with only a little disappointment that once Read more

Mislead and Obscurefeatured

A friend sent me a link to the article “The Least Convenient Truth” posted on Whiskey and Gunpowder by Jim Amrhein. It’s interesting to read his take on global warming and his misguided proposal about what to do about it. If it’s not already clear, let me state for the record that I definitely disagree Read more

Change Doesn’t Come Easyfeatured

The documentary An Inconvenient Truth offers the most articulate and disconcerting depiction of climate change I’ve ever seen, but I doubt it will make a difference. Americans are busy with work, families, television, shopping and hobbies. Our culture encourages us to have a full life, yet we long for more free time. In contrast, consider Read more


Fox News Attacks An Inconvenient Truthfeatured

I was just reading on Treehugger how Fox News is gearing up the machine to debunk the new Al Gore documentary on Climate Change. On one side, it’s good the film is getting attention, but it’s interesting and predictable that they are shifting the discussion away from climate change to whether the film will put Read more


Pledge to see An Inconvenient Truthfeatured

I went to the movies last night and saw the trailer for the upcoming film, An Inconvenient Truth that’s coming out on May 24th. The film is documentary featuring Al Gore, and has been adapted from his lectures on global warming. The film promises to be a clear, comprehensive, and thoughtful articulation of the problem Read more